I keep hearing about clean code and telling myself I'm a clean coder…… but what about becoming an indispensable noodle nester? I've decided to make a draft of the steelman case for the noodle nest spaghetti monster approach:

I mean if I write a noodle nest empire, will I be less likely to get laid off again?

It's also way more fun and cool to say “I'm working on my noodle nest” than “I'm working on my clean code.”

Neat little blocks hmm? With Noodle Nest method, your code can twist and turn in any direction, just like a bowl of noodles.
With Noodle Nest, you don't waste time worrying about readability or maintainability. You just write, and let your code take on a life of its own.

Even better, learn assembly. Assembly++ noodle nest ++ kubernates == immortal

; This function calculates the factorial of n
; Don't try to understand how it works
; Just trust me
push rbp
mov rbp,rsp
mov rax,[rbp+8]
cmp rax,[rbp+16]
jne .L1
mov rax,[rbp+24]
jmp .L2
inc [rbp+16]
mul [rbp+16]
mov [rbp+24],rax
jmp fact
pop rbp