So this is a Wells Fargo style question. Well Fargo has paid billions in fines after internally pressuring workers to achieve account sign ups. So the workers falsely claimed people had said yes to accounts and completed sign up forms, getting bonuses / not getting fired. Oddly there was not a huge amount of financial loss but boy it cut through as a scandal.

So anyway, I am “sniffing the air”. The guardian newspaper opens my account online but to cancel I need to call between 9 and 5. That's kind of run of the mill dark pattern. My wife is currently arguing with Hello Fresh because an account we cancelled has been reopened and deliveries sent and charges made – a second time – first after a door to door salesman came round and was told no. And again with no obvious cause.

Am I being paranoid – or are all the subscription services now simply outright lying to keep the taps turned on for a few more months?

My seven year old daughters opinion “if the company does not make mummy happy then the company won't make any money anyway”. Smart kid.