I saw a tweet from a VC that made a point that Facebook used to be the place to go to when you first met a person if you wanted to know more about them, and then Facebook began to become less popular so Instagram became “that” platform but that now it is slowly dying as we see Instagram recommending more IG reels and less things about your friends. So, the VC is saying that there is an opportunity to create something that will become the go to platform to get to know what someone is like. The VC labeled it “profile of records.”

My idea is a social app where your profile has different categories, so for example “Relationship”, “Travel”, etc. In these categories you can upload content based on what the content is about. So if you're traveling, you would post it and have it under your “Traveling” album. The goal would be to allow you to create as many categories as you want and give you the ability to use whichever medium you want to use as your form of expression (video, text, photo, audio).

This would then show what you enjoy, and allow others to also see what you enjoy. You'd be able to compartmentalize whatever content you choose to put out.

Hopefully that makes sense, and I'd love to hear your feedback on this whole discussion. Thanks!