10 years ago, there were a lot of parties in my life, and now there are none. Where have they gone? Have you seen the same, and have you managed to revive your party life?

I remember parties at friends places, for housewarmings, birthdays, holidays, sports games, barbecuing, karaoke, whatever. I remember parties at work, for people joining the team, for people leaving, for projects kicking off or finishing.

Now my kids are older and it seems that only they get to party. I try my best, invited some people for parties, but we never seem to get invites in return.

Hypotheses I have so far:

– I'm just getting old (closing in on 50) and people my age don't party anymore

– COVID happened and we still haven't restarted partying the way we used to

– I'm just unlucky with my set of friends and need to renew my friendships

Very interested in both macro trends (eg is partying overall just down) as well as things that you've done at individual level to restart party life.