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UK: Food inflation rises to 18.2% as it hits highest rate in over 45 years

Food inflation hit its highest rate since 1977 last month, having risen to 18.2% in the year to Februaury 2023. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) saw this jump from 16.8% in January, with the increase driven by price movements such as the rise in cost of vegetables last month. This saw select fruit and…

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Planted: Mar 2023Status: seedJuice is the non-essential visual, audio & haptic effects that enhance the player's experience. For example, the delightful chimes sound that plays when Mario collects a mushroom. The 1UP text that appears is essential. Communicating the player gained an extra life. The sound is the Juice. Non essential but serves a purpose:▪ reinforcing Mario…

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OpenAI tech gives Microsoft’s Bing a boost in search battle with Google

[1/2] Microsoft Corp's Bing search engine is seen on a computer in this illustration picture taken January 24, 2019. REUTERS/Florence Lo/Illustration/File PhotoMarch 22 (Reuters) - The integration of OpenAI's technology into Microsoft-owned Bing has driven people to the little-used search engine and helped it compete better with market leader Google in page visits growth, according to…

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Hello Dolly: Democratizing the magic of ChatGPT with open models

SummaryWe show that anyone can take a dated off-the-shelf open source large language model (LLM) and give it magical ChatGPT-like instruction following ability by training it in 30 minutes on one machine, using high-quality training data. Surprisingly, instruction-following does not seem to require the latest or largest models: our model is only 6 billion parameters,…

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We’re no longer sunsetting the free team plan

After listening to feedback and consulting our community, it’s clear that we made the wrong decision in sunsetting our Free Team plan. Last week we felt our communications were terrible but our policy was sound. It’s now clear that both the communications and the policy were wrong, so we’re reversing course and no longer sunsetting…

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Jaron Lanier on the danger of AI

Jaron Lanier, the godfather of virtual reality and the sage of all things web, is nicknamed the Dismal Optimist. And there has never been a time we’ve needed his dismal optimism more. It’s hard to read an article or listen to a podcast these days without doomsayers telling us we’ve pushed our luck with artificial…

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Epic’s new motion-capture animation tech

Enlarge / Would you believe that creating this performance took only minutes of video processing and no human tweaking? SAN FRANCISCO—Every year at the Game Developers Conference, a handful of competing companies show off their latest motion-capture technology, which transforms human performances into 3D animations that can be used on in-game models. Usually, these technical…

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