I spend most of my time writing code in a full screen terminal. I like to read
books on my breaks and I’m a big fan of Project Gutenberg, which has over
70,000 books freely available (note, these are legal copyright free books).

I wrote burgr, a program to browse and search a catalog of available
books, download and manage my personal library and read these books – from
within the comfort of the terminal.

I can work away programming, take a break and switch instantly to another
tmux pane where I have burgr waiting to continue reading where I
left off 🙂

I wrote this for my own use, so perhaps the UI is a little idiosyncratic, but I like it! (See I am The Only User).

Books are downloaded from mirrors of the Project Gutenberg site, not the
site itself, so meeting their terms.

The catalog can be downloaded and updated as new books are released by
running burgr with the update command argument.

Here are some screen shots which will give you a flavour of burgr.

Catalog screen


Library screen (all the books you have downloaded)


Recents screen


Reading a book


Searching the catalog for sci fi books 🙂



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