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How to hire engineering talent without the BS

02 Mar 2023Building a culture of inclusive technical interviews “Team leads review candidate’s whiteboard, binary-tree inversion solution” from Classic Programmer Paintings As a candidate in my early career, I experienced all sorts of technical interviews, ranging from being asked to write an algorithm on a piece of paper with an ink pen (not kidding) to…

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Prompt Engineering Guide: Guides, papers, and resources for prompt engineering

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The Odin – DIY genetic engineering

Current Favorites Quick View Options Plant Genetic Engineering Classroom Kit $149.99 - $199.00 Quick View Options Plant Genetic Engineering Kit $99.00 - $149.00 Quick View Options Bioengineering 101 Beginner Kit and Video Lectures - No Experience Needed $199.99 - $379.00 Sale Quick View Options Genetic Engineering Home Lab Kit $2,500.00 $1,549.00 Quick View Add to…

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Reverse engineering a neural network’s clever solution to binary addition

There's a ton of attention lately on massive neural networks with billions of parameters, and rightly so. By combining huge parameter counts with powerful architectures like transformers and diffusion, neural networks are capable of accomplishing astounding feats. However, even small networks can be surprisingly effective - especially when they're specifically designed for a specialized use-case.…

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