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Who owns private home security footage, and who can get access to it?

Lawmakers in Congress have previously raised concerns about Ring’s close ties to police, and how often the Amazon-owned company has shared footage with law enforcement without owners’ consent. Markey in particular has long criticized the company over potential privacy concerns stemming from its video doorbells. Larkin’s story illustrates how far a request can go, even…

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I was banned because of a security flaw in Facebook’s password recovery system

I was banned permanently, without recourse, because of a security flaw in Facebook’s password recovery system. This is my story. 1/29/23 Update: Some new developments for the good, and some for the very very bad are posted at the bottom. In November of 2022, I was banned permanently from all Meta products – Facebook, Messenger,…

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About Security Keys for Apple ID

Physical security keys provide extra protection for your Apple ID against phishing attacks.   A security key is a small external device that looks like a thumb drive or tag, which can be used for verification when signing in with your Apple ID using two-factor authentication. Security Keys for Apple ID Security Keys for Apple…

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What not to write on your security clearance form (1988)

as reported in the [REDACTED] list and RISKS Date: 01 Apr 88 1620 PST From: Les Earnest Subject: The "previous account" referred to in RISKS-6.51 e-t-a-o-n-r-i Spy and the FBI Reading a book got me into early trouble--I had an FBI record by age twelve. This bizarre incident caused a problem much later when I…

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Git Security Vulnerabilities Announced

Today, the Git project released new versions to address a pair of security vulnerabilities, CVE-2022-41903, and CVE-2022-23521, that affect versions 2.39 and older. Git for Windows was also patched to address an additional, Windows-specific issue known as CVE-2022-41953. The first two vulnerabilities affect Git’s commit formatting mechanism and .gitattributes parser, respectively. The former can be…

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