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Firefox Android now supports Tampermonkey

Welcome to a new version of Firefox for Android (version 110). Here are some highlights of bug fixes and enhancements in this version:

  • Firefox Relay is now available in Firefox for Android. With this extension you can mask your email address to protect your online identity and privacy. Visit Install the Firefox Relay extension in Firefox for Android to learn more.
  • You can now access additional extensions. Tampermonkey, Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader, and ClearURL are now available in Firefox for Android. To find out more about these new extensions, be sure to read this blog post.
  • Startup crashes that occurred on various devices due to segmentation fault.
  • Crashes that occurred when memory is low.
  • The Jump back in notification could not be dismissed when the cursor was active in the search bar.
  • Scroll experience was uneven on and other websites that use background blur effects.
  • For users on Android 13, the color of the Firefox icon on the home screen will now match the theme of your phone when Themed Icons are enabled.
  • Improved selection magnifier position when selecting text over several lines.

We hope you enjoy this new version. Thank you for using Firefox and supporting Mozilla’s mission for privacy, safety, and inclusion on the Web.

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