What is it?

Geo assist is library that allows users to perform insertion and query operations on the spatial data.

It enables users to create a spatial engine by loading objects with spatial references, such as latitude/longitude, in-memory.

The goal of this project is to enable the use of complex search algorithms, by tweaking them for geo-spatial operations.

How to?


Geo-assist is available on maven repository and can be imported to your project.

K-d Tree:

K-d Tree, formally called K-Dimensional Trees, are one of the best options when storing and retrieving objects based on geospatial parameters.

I have provided an implementation of storing objects in a K-d tree using the coordinates and searching nearest neighbors for the provided location (latitude/longitude) and the distance.


Here is how to initialize your data:

Find Nearest Neighbors

Once you have inserted your object(s) in the tree, here is how you can search for the nearest neighbors for a provided location:


You can delete the object based on the custom identifier ID:

boolean ok = kdTree.delete(5);

This is how simple it has been made to query your geo-spatial data.

Feel free to contact me or write me an email at hello@thegeekyasian.com

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