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A desktop system for creators that focuses on simplicity, elegance, and usability.

Following the published Human Interface Guidelines, and First Principles of Interaction Design liberally re-interpreted for today.

Based on FreeBSD.

For mere mortals. Welcoming to switchers from macOS. Not just a theme. Not a clone of anything, but something with which the long-time Mac user should feel instantly comfortable. The latest technologies, without the complexities of Linux distributions. Without lockdown. Without Big Brother. The user in full control.

Less, but better!


Because we used to like the Mac, since 1984. But it’s increasingly getting… difficult:


Irrepairable, non-upgradeable hardware:

Less and less Mac-like desktop user experience:


Just follow Bruce Tognazzini’s First Principles of Interaction Design


This project lives from your involvement.

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We need help with issues flagged with help-wanted – maybe you’d like to look into issues flagged with good-first-issue. Other contributions are, of course, welcome.


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