This subreddit is dedicated to both amateur and professional engineers that want to build cool stuff at home, challenge themselves to learn new technologies, learn from each others’ designs, and showcase their side projects.

Posting Guidelines
  • Regarding video submissions: Video submissions are in general not allowed. Read the announcement for more info and exceptions

  • ADD FLAIR after adding your post here, please! Videos should have the “Video” link flair assigned.

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  • No posts about hiring. Collaborations are fine, but posts about hiring will be removed. Please go to r/ElectronicsList for commercial services in electronics.

  • Be nice and have fun!

  • No bots unrelated to electronics. Nothing personal, but when no opt-out is given the bot will be banned.

  • No purchase links to commercial products (this includes crowdfunding) as posts. Sharing product links as an answer to a question is fine, but your comment might be automatically removed by the filter. Send the mods a message to approve it.

  • Please refrain from x-posting or posting the same thing to multiple (and this) subreddit. In r/DIYElectronics we encourage a conversation about your project or question but this does not include “spamming” your question or project without any intention to interaction.

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