Disclaimer: Have ADD and some higher than average social anxiety.

I've been working in IT for 3-4 years. I have a bachelor's in computer science, but never accomplished much with it.

I work for a company that's close in size to a FANG. I do emails, calls, and train people how to do my job. I can act as a main line of support for my entire team on how to navigate calls with difficult customers in Slack. My main issue is actually talking to them on the phone myself – that's where I struggle.

I've tried to talk to my boss about only doing emails and training people – unfortunately, he's not willing to compromise, which due to my anxiety has forced me to go on a medical leave. I've been attacked a ton on the phone, overly scrutinized, etc. despite being one of the best performers on my team. The part that really gets to me is helping complete strangers that can attack me with no possible witnesses or repercussions.

I don't have a programming portfolio. Prior to this I had worked 3 months wiping laptops and supporting a bunch of sites on the east coast and setting up laptops.

I struggle to memorize large amounts of data to then spit out on command. That's the ADD but also the nerves interfering with my ability to learn. I want to get some type of cisco certification but it's a serious struggle.

I was thinking maybe I should do a low budget bootcamp. I currently have 9 weeks of FMLA available to me. I don't have much money for bootamps.

Some advantages I have are that I'm armenian. I look and could technically classify myself as midde-eastern, and from what I know generally armenians stick together and will look to hire other armenians. Though I don't want to “take advantage of my different race/ethnicity privilege ” I'm not at leisure to go with any option other than to use everything in my power to get out of my current situation. I've been working to gain a basic grasp of Syriac .

I want a job that requires minimal to no interaction with public customers UNLESS it is purely by email and web chat. I'm amazing at writing emails teaching people how to use their phones, laptops, and software + hardware. I'm probably one of the top 2 on my team at emails, and one of the top 3 at training people. I train agents in the US and Canada, as well as agents in Asia.

I can get really motivated at game development if there isn't a huge learning curve to start seeing results from my projects. I used to develop games in this old engine called BYOND (www.byond.com) for years, did some freelance work that paid for my pizza and other things college kids do.

For my income I need to be making close to $30 an hour and remote work would probably best fit my personality. I live in Boston.

1. social anxiety+add. poor memory and social situations can be a bit nerve wracking
2. job is being mildly abusive, won't let me work emails/train people even though I'm one of the best on our team at this, forcing me to take phone calls when I'm having panic attacks
3. currently on family medical leave act for 3 months until I burn the time due to anxiety
4. 3 years in technical support and 3 months in IT resolving basic computer issues and setting up computers
5. Armenian, learning Siriac and begun attending armenian church. want to get closer to my culture but not going to lie it helps with job search
6. very creative, used to freelance develop small games and work on small projects of my own.
7. Bachelors of science in comp sci but havent programmed in 4 years.