It’s a new day in search, said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at an event announcing new bing with ChatGPT. In one demo Bing was asked to create an itinerary for each day of a 5-day trip to Mexico City.

Unlike ChatGPT, the new Bing can also surface information about recent events. “Compose” will offer writing assistance in Edge. Since ChatGPT launched on the web last November, interest in AI text generation has exploded.

New Bing ChatGPT Example Request link:

Click the link to try new bing with ChatGPT features:,%20with%20instructions%20for%20a%20toddler%20using%20only%20cardboard%20boxes,%20plastic%20bottles,%20paper%20and%20string&iscopilotedu=1&form=MA13G9

The interface for the new Bing includes a warning to users: “Let’s learn together. Bing is powered by AI, so surprises and mistakes are possible.”

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