Today we have to bring up a unpleasant topic.

People who follow the Mattermost and/or Discord chats already might know him, but there are increasing numbers of non ReactOS devs being harassed by him as it seems. For those who don’t know the name, here some side story:

For years by now we and a few other projects have some kind of stalking “fan” who thinks his ways are the ways we have to follow. His nick is Zero3K. He posted bug reports of poor quality and then harassed our members to fix them asap. If the report was not fixed after a few days he started to directly address whoever he thought to be worthy to fix his report. Sometimes a dozen of our devs via chat/forum PM, mail and as it seems even on Github. ALL AT ONCE. If they did not reply, then it did go on for weeks! Some devs were harassed on more than three different media at the same time! We first tried to talk to him (MORE than once), but this was hopeless as he did not even understand why his doing was bad in any way. This went on until some started to become quite offfended of his questionable behavior and after a internal vote he was banned the first time. He then tried to get devs from a few different freelancer hire services to fix his reports and then at least once didn’t even pay when a report really was fixed by such a tricked person. He supported another questionable character calling himself “Blackcrack” on his personal vendetta against our administrators (especially me) and harmed our reputation uncountable times by harassing members of other projects, like the Wine Project to fix his bug reports for him. This happened again and again, always another name, always another IP and always another mail address. But a person like him cannot stay undetected for long… Then there was some time where he seemed to have given up… But he did not… This still goes on to this day!

Quite recently it was broght to our attention that the already known suspect is still not a part of ReactOS history. Last week we once again banned one of his nicks off our services and hoped for some badly needed spare time in this regard. But this is not the case. It seems like he now directly writes to anyone he thinks skilled enough to get his reports fixed. People from the project directly, people who sent in a few patches and even people who are not even part of the project at all. On ANY media he can find! We had quite some people showing up and asking what the meaning of this harassing might be. This harms the reputation of ReactOS and offends uninvolved people who have absolutley no interest in our project. It’s their own decision to choose which project they support by spending their free time to add features or fix bugs, but this is nothing Bryan seems to get into his twisted mind! We are happy for anyone who chooses to join us of course, but NOT under such conditions and not by using such stalker behavior! This is not our way to get anyone into the project!

So to come to an end. This person is NOT PART OF REACTOS PROJECT! In no thinkable way! Never! Nor will he EVER BE!

If you feel harassed or stalked by him please let us know and if it starts to become unbearable I strongly recommend to contact the local authorities and report his behavior. We are passing all these information to our lawyer to prepare a lawsuit against him, too.

Thanks for reading!

ReactOS is still in alpha stage, meaning it is not feature-complete and is recommended only for evaluation and testing purposes

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