Documentation of the Snapchat / Snap Camera Lens File Format (lens.lns / *.lns) used by Snap Inc.


These files appear as lens.lns files in the cache folder of the Snap Camera desktop application, which officially ceased operations on January 25, 2023.
It appears to be a proprietary but uniform format used by Snap Inc. to publish and deliver its AR Lenses to its own applications.

Not much was known about this file format until now. All findings in this document are based on reverse engineering and trial and error.

Application Usage

The file is known to be used by these Snap Inc. owned applications

  • Snapchat
    • Used for the various AR camera filters that the app is famous for.
  • Lens Studio – Snap Ar
    • Used as the final file format to publish developed AR Lenses on the official website.
  • Snap Camera
    • Used for offline caching of the various AR camera filters.

File Format

The file itself consists of a Main Header, a File Allocation Table (FAT), a very small Sub Header, and BLOB of Compressed Data using the Zstandard algorithm.

Zstandard, commonly known by the name of its reference implementation zstd, is a lossless data compression algorithm developed by Yann Collet at Facebook.
The zstd source code is dual-licensed under BSD and GPLv2.

The basic structure of the file can be divided into 4 sections as follows.

File Structure Size
Main Header 72 byte
File Allocation Table N byte
Small Sub Header 8 byte
Zstandard Compressed Data N byte

The main header is always 72 bytes in size and begins with the ASCII signature LZC terminated with 0x00.

The File Allocation Table addresses the uncompressed data and varies in size. The exact size of the FAT is specified in the last 4 bytes of the Main Header.

The small Sub Header consists of only 8 bytes, with the last 4 bytes specifying the size of the following data block compressed with Zstandard.

The format of the data compressed with ZStandard is most detailed in the official documentation and not scope of this documentation.
Link to the offical documentation: Zstandard Compression Format

Detailed File Structure

A more detailed description of each file section follows.

Important Note: The byte order is little endian.

Main Header

Description of the first 72 bytes referred to as Main Header section.

Hex offset Description Size Static Value Comment
0x0000 Signature 4 byte 4c 5a 43 00 LZC 0x00 (Zero terminated ASCII String)
0x0004 Version 4 byte 01 00 00 00 Version 1
0x0008 FAT Record count 4 byte Total number of FAT Records and files in this archive
0x000C Sub Header Offset 4 byte Points to the first byte of the sub header
0x0010 Unknown 4 byte 01 00 00 00 Value is always 1
0x0014 Unknown 4 byte 01 00 00 00 Value is always 1
0x0018 Uncompressed File Size 4 byte Size of all files inside this archive uncompressed
0x001C Compressed File Size 4 byte Size of all files inside this archive compressed
0x0020 Zero Padding 32 byte 00 00 00 00 32 Zero Byte padding
0x0040 Unknown 4 byte 02 00 00 00 Value is always 2
0x0044 FAT Size 4 byte Dynamic FAT size in bytes

File Allocation Table (FAT)

The FAT consists of a repetitive data structure referred to as FAT record.

FAT Record

A single FAT Record has a dynamic size of minimum 16 bytes. The maximum size of a single record is estimated at 255/260 (Windows MAX_PATH) + 16 bytes, but that is not certain.

Hex offset Description Size Comment
0x0048 Path/File Name Length 4 byte File name length and the total size of the FAT Record + 16 bytes
…… Path/File Name n byte Dynamic length specified by the first 4 bytes of this structure
…… Compressed File Size 4 byte This field presumably holds the compressed file size
…… Uncompressed File Size 4 byte Original file size
…… File Offset (Uncompressed) 4 byte Offset of the first byte of this file inside the uncompressed BLOB

The first record starts at offset 0x0048, the next record will start right after the first record without any padding.
The total amount of records the FAT holds is specified in the Main Header at offset 0x0008 the total size in bytes is specified at offset 0x0044.

The beginning of the Sub Header marks the end of the File Allocation Table.

Sub Header

The Sub Header has a static size of 8 bytes. Its first 4 bytes start with the static value of 1.

The exact location of this header is specified at offset 0x000C in the Main Header, which represents a pointer to the first byte.

Hex offset Description Size Static Value Comment
…… Version/Unknown 4 byte 01 00 00 00 Could represent version or reserved for future use
…… Zstandard Data Size 4 byte Dynamic size of compressed BLOB in bytes

Zstandard Compressed Data

See here: Zstandard Compression Format

Proof of Concept

I wrote a small web based file unpacker tool in JavaScript to decompress the data and export the archive to ZIP format. Since there is currently no working unpackers.

My working implementation

Links and Resources

Special Thanks

I would like to thank and especially the user mariush for providing very accurate first header analysis.

Source code available at GitHub: Snap Lens File Format

© Patrick Trumpis

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