Python 3.5
License: BSD 3-clause

An open-source static random access memory (SRAM) compiler.

OpenRAM is an award winning open-source Python framework to create the layout,
netlists, timing and power models, placement and routing models, and
other views necessary to use SRAMs in ASIC design. OpenRAM supports
integration in both commercial and open-source flows with both
predictive and fabricable technologies.

Please see our documentation and let us know if anything needs

OpenRAM is licensed under the BSD 3-clause License.

  • Matthew Guthaus from VLSIDA created the OpenRAM project and is the lead architect.
  • James Stine from VLSIARCH co-founded the project.
  • Many students: Hunter Nichols, Michael Grimes, Jennifer Sowash, Yusu Wang, Joey Kunzler, Jesse Cirimelli-Low, Samira Ataei, Bin Wu, Brian Chen, Jeff Butera

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