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Generate a link to offer your customer a state-of-the-art flight booking experience, customised to your brand.


A complete, low-code solution

Visualisation of a successful booking made using Duffel Links.

Save time and resources

We handle the complexities of travel domain knowledge, accreditation and access to airlines so you don’t have to – no development resources needed. Through a single link, your customers can book flights across 300+ of the world’s best airlines.

Visualisation of search filters in Duffel Links.

Leverage thousands of hours of expertise in travel and product design. Your customers can search for their preferred flight instantly using autocomplete functionality, search filters and more.

Visualisation of search filters in Duffel Links.

Own the entire journey and add markups easily to flights using our intuitive dashboard. Up-sell ancillary products like seats and bags as part of the pre-booking flow.


The fastest way to start selling flights


Generate link

With your brand colours and logo, generate your link through the dashboard or API and share with your customer.


Embed into your website

Embed the links you generate into your product so your customers can easily book flights


Receive bookings

Start to see flight and ancillary bookings appear in your dashboard. See markup from flights booked and start earning money from flights.

Illustrative example of Duffel Link customisation


Everything you need, in one link.

Visualisation of filters when searching flights.

Make searching flights an intuitive experience for your customers.

Visualisation of filters when searching flights.

Capture all relevant details from your customer in a one-step checkout.

Visualisation of filters when searching flights.

Let your customers book premium seats and pay for additional baggage.

Visualisation of payments when booking a flight.

Take payments securely from your customers using our Payments API.

Visualisation of order management features.

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