We've launched an open beta for EqualTo Sheets: https://sheets.equalto.com/

EqualTo Sheets scratches an itch I've had for some time: convenient spreadsheet technology for developers. If you have ever wanted to “white-label” Google Sheets in your product, you should consider checking us out. Our spreadsheet tech supports:

* Import / export XLSX files

* Nice spreadsheet widget you can embed anywhere using our HTML/JS snippet

* CRUD via GraphQL and REST APIs

* Simulation API to support “what if” analysis of a workbook

* Support for 182 (and growing) of Excel's ~450 functions

EqualTo Sheets is _not_ a “spreadsheet on steroids” like Airtable/etc, we don't juice 😛

Excel compatibility is a priority.

Some additional details:

* What to expect after signup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HobLlnD7Im0&t=00m33s

* EqualTo Sheets beta README: https://sheets.equalto.com/beta-readme

* Bindings for React, powered by Rust.

Diarmuid / co-Founder of EqualTo
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