I wanted to share a simple game I wrote.

It's a sliding pieces puzzle like many others. I have focused a lot on making the experience smooth and
minimalistic and the levels being challenging in a way a sudoku or chess puzzles could be.

I had no prior knowledge of game development and while it feels like someone competent could build this game in a week I spent over two years and hundreds of hours to bring this game to life.

My journey went through:

    - thinking it will be a PC game
    - being overwhelmed by the amount of different game frameworks
    - hiring an indie dev to bootstrap the game in Unity for me
    - realize the small levels are actually cool and it might fit on a phone
    - generating levels and playing through thousands of them myself to curate a smaller list
    - realizing the Unity wasn't a good choice
    - rewriting the game in html + js drawing on canvas + React
    - hiring a bunch of fiverr artists and testers to polish it up

I think I am finally satisfied with the result enough to be willing to share it with the world.

If you're a fan of minimalist sliding pieces puzzles I'd be happy if you give it a try!

the game has:
– no ads
– no tracking of any kind
– fully offline after first load
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