Hi, small SaaS founder here (tardis.dev) – I've been heavy Cloudflare Workers user (currently 4 billions requests & 1PB of data per month) for about 4 years already and today at 00:00 UTC without any warning my account was restricted, both website and APIs are down or very very slow to respond/time out, customers are angry obviously. I confirmed with support that “hmm, I see that your zone seems like being restricted due to 2.8 Limitation on Serving Non-HTML Content, see that there's high JSON data transfer”. – which is bit strange as I'm using workers which have different terms – https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=20791660 (confirmed by their CTO)…anyways I get it, perhaps I pay too little and should be on enterprise plan already, but when I got approached by Cloudflare sales team I explicitly asked if I can still be on pay as you go/self server model and reply was: “Enterprise wise, that's up to you and you could likely get away with utilising self-serve as you go, but if you did choose to go enterprise (without R2) I might be able to have something approved in the xx/month range.”

I would fully understand that I am required to upgrade, but why not sending me an email before shutting down my business completely? I even asked about such scenario on zoom meeting I had with their Sales and they said it will never happen – few weeks forward and here we are…anyways going back to replying to my customers emails regarding service outage.