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Companies save billions of dollars by giving employees fake “manager” titles

How companies get away with wage theft How companies get away with wage theft 05:21 Would you rather be a front-desk clerk or "Director of First Impressions"? A barber or a "Grooming Manager"?How you answer could mean a significant difference in annual earnings. That's because companies routinely inflate workers' titles to avoid paying them in…

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Companies use drip pricing to overcharge consumers

The waitress takes away the final plates of our meal as my friends and I continue conversing over our drinks. We’re at a small, but popular, New Mexican restaurant down the street from my house. It’s a hip spot, with exposed incandescent lighting illuminating the eclectic Southwestern décor in sharp contrast to the cold, snowy…

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Ask HN: Role-model companies with the best dev culture in 2023

What are the role-model software companies with amazing dev culture now?In 2013-15 many people were looking up to how Netflix or Spotify built their dev culture and how they operated and developed their products.What companies are setting current trends now (in 2022-23)?EDIT: I know that 'amazing culture' can mean different things to different people. I'm…

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