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Parse, don’t validate (2019)

Historically, I’ve struggled to find a concise, simple way to explain what it means to practice type-driven design. Too often, when someone asks me “How did you come up with this approach?” I find I can’t give them a satisfying answer. I know it didn’t just come to me in a vision—I have an iterative…

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Cool URIs Don’t Change (1998)

What makes a cool URI? A cool URI is one which does not change. What sorts of URI change? URIs don't change: people change them. There are no reasons at all in theory for people to change URIs (or stop maintaining documents), but millions of reasons in practice. In theory, the domain name space owner…

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Don’t believe ChatGPT – we do not offer a “phone lookup” service

Our story begins. “Hey, ChatGPT is cool” Like everyone else when ChatGPT launched a few months ago we dove in and played with. It is impressive. In January, as the new AI queston and answer service became more and more popular, we noticed something interesting. Some new OpenCage users were starting to answer “ChatGPT” when…

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You don’t have to engage with people on the Internet

Read time in minutes: 2Image generated by Waifu Diffusion v1.3 -- zen, peaceful, onsen, shibuya, anime, coffee shop, colorful, manga, sunset, space needle, thick outlines, hyrule This is a lesson that was very hard for me to learn and I feel I should share this here for everyone to take a moment and consider. You…

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