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Future Fords could repossess themselves and drive away if you miss payments

Average car payments have been rising for a while. Although auto loan delinquency rates have been down since the height of the pandemic, Ford applied for a patent to make the repossession process go smoother. For the bank, that is. The patent document was submitted to the United States Patent Office in August 2021 but…

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The Future of Thunderbird

Uncategorized Thunderbird is quickly approaching its 20th anniversary as a standalone email client. And as we get closer to this year’s release of Thunderbird 115 “Supernova” we’re hearing a certain question more and more often: “Why does Thunderbird look so old, and why does it take so long to change?” ~ A notable percentage of…

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The future (and the past) of the web is server side rendering

When servers were in Swiss basements, all they had to serve was static HTML. Maybe, if you were lucky, you got an image. Now, a webpage can be a full-blown app, pulling in data from multiple sources, doing on the fly manipulations, and allowing an end-user full interactivity. This has greatly improved the utility of…

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