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Wolfram Language and Mathematica Free on Every Raspberry Pi

The Wolfram Language and Mathematica are bundled with the Raspberry Pi New Out Of Box Software (NOOBS). Free! (for noncommercial use)  Wolfram Language & Mathematica for Raspberry Pi is free for hobbyist use. View license agreement » Interested in deploying commercial devices with the Raspberry Pi? Please contact us.

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Big Tech lobbyist language made it verbatim into NY’s hedged repair bill

That'll fix it — Report reveals the influence lobbyists had on bill. Kevin Purdy - Feb 16, 2023 4:19 pm UTC Jerry Holt/Star Tribune via Getty Images When New York became the first state to pass a heavily modified right-to-repair bill late last year, it was apparent that lobbyists had succeeded in last-minute changes to…

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Do Large Language Models learn world models or just surface statistics?

A mysteryLarge Language Models (LLM) are on fire, capturing public attention by their ability to provide seemingly impressive completions to user prompts (NYT coverage). They are a delicate combination of a radically simplistic algorithm with massive amounts of data and computing power. They are trained by playing a guess-the-next-word game with itself over and over…

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