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Early morning university classes linked to poor sleep and academic performance

MainUniversity students who regularly attend classes and sleep well are more likely to get good grades1,2,3,4. Attending classes increases students’ interactions with instructors and classmates and provides structured time for covering key learning points. Sleeping well is also important for optimizing cognitive performance and readiness to learn. Inadequate sleep impairs attention and memory processes3,5,6,7, which…

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Morning exposure to deep red light improves declining eyesight

AbstractMitochondrial decline in ageing robs cells of ATP. However, animal studies show that long wavelength exposure (650–900 nm) over weeks partially restores ATP and improves function. The likely mechanism is via long wavelengths reducing nanoscopic interfacial water viscosity around ATP rota pumps, improving their efficiency. Recently, repeated 670 nm exposures have been used on the aged human…

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