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Using a Raspberry Pi to add a second HDMI port to a laptop

Recently, I purchased a new laptop. I was really focused on spending the least amount of money and had not noticed that the laptop I chose was missing an essential feature : it did not have Display Port over USB C. Not being able to use my second external monitor on this new laptop felt…

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Using HDMI radio interference for high-speed data transfer

This story, too, begins with noise. I was browsing the radio waves with a software radio, looking for mysteries to accompany my ginger tea. I had started to notice a wide-band spiky signal on a number of frequencies that only seemed to appear indoors. Some sort of interference from electronic devices, probably. Spoiler alert, it…

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The FBI now recommends using an ad blocker when searching the web

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the US is advising people to use ad blockers as part of a warning about the threat of scams online.In a public service announcement, the security agency’s internet complaints department says ad-blocking extensions can help to protect users against fraudulent online adverts that appear in search results. Cybercriminals…

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Big Tech is using layoffs to crush worker power

In Silicon Valley, the new year began as the last one ended — with tens of thousands of tech workers losing their jobs. Just a few days into 2023, Amazon Chief Executive Andrew Jassy announced that there would be 18,000 layoffs across the company. Within weeks, Microsoft revealed it was slashing its head count by…

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