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Ask HN: Where can I find a primer on how computers boot?

As a developer, I recently encountered challenges with GRUB and discovered I lacked knowledge about my computer's boot process. I realized terms like EFI partition, MBR, GRUB, and Bootloader were unfamiliar to me and many of my colleagues. I'm seeking introductory and easy-to-understand resources to learn about these concepts. Any recommendations would be appreciated!

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Where has all the Chartreuse gone?

Brother Jean-Jacques, one of monks who knows the secret recipe of Chartreuse, checking on the barrels (Jean-Pierre Clator/AFP via Getty Images)Last month, a letter from the Carthusian monks in Voiron, France circulated through the world of spirits. It was, in the hackneyed parlance of journalism, a “bombshell.” The letter explains a decision by the monks…

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Ask HN: Where are all the parties?

10 years ago, there were a lot of parties in my life, and now there are none. Where have they gone? Have you seen the same, and have you managed to revive your party life?I remember parties at friends places, for housewarmings, birthdays, holidays, sports games, barbecuing, karaoke, whatever. I remember parties at work, for…

By |2023-01-23T12:27:57+00:00January 23rd, 2023|Education|0 Comments
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