I was having trouble loading GMail in Chrome. I wasn't sure if it was my spotty internet or the browser acting up so I gave Firefox a shot. And behold! Firefox opened it in a jiffy.

What impressed me most was that it was able to import saved passwords, bookmarks and websites history from Chrome pretty quickly. Previously, I had imported these to Chromium based web browsers (Brave & Edge) but was afraid that it might be an issue for non-Chromium browser like Firefox, but to my pleasant surprise, it wasn't.

Some really cool observations in first 30 mins of using it :

1. It opens websites really quickly, much faster than Chrome

2. All parts feel really customizable. I was able to get rid of the Firefox View tab really easily (I may explore it in the future because it seemed quite interesting to send links from phone to desktop). It was also easy enough to customize bookmarks bar to only show up in new tab.

3. Extensions ecosystem is thriving . I was glad to find my old favorite: Dark Reader. But I have also found a new favorite – Tab Stash. I also found an extension to download Youtube videos – Video Downloader, something I didn't find in Chrome

4. Clean look that gets out of your way.

I had given Firefox a shot in the past and had found Chrome to be a better performing browser at the time. But this time, Firefox seems to really have clicked with me.

I'd be glad to learn of any other cool features and extensions that y'all might want to share.