I was surprised to see this in my email today:

> Your private repository baobabKoodaa/laaketutka-scripts (forked from futurice/how-to-get-healthy) has been deleted because you are no longer a collaborator on futurice/how-to-get-healthy.

That was an MIT-licensed open source project I worked on years ago. We published the source code for everyone to use, so I certainly did not expect to lose access to it just because someone at my previous company has been doing spring cleaning at GitHub! I had a 100% legal fork of the project, and now it's gone… why?

Turns out I don't even have a local copy of it anymore, so this actually caused me data loss. I'm fine with losing access to this particular codebase, I'm not using HN as customer support to regain access. I just wanted everyone to be aware that GitHub does this.