This seems like a Fastmail / DuckDuckGo private e-mail problem.

Tinder support ticket emails go into a black hole.


I’m in a new city. I reset my Tinder account and bought 6 months of Platinum (their top tier).

I’m in Country A but I use a VPN for work that puts me in Country B. I forgot to keep my VPN off.

Tinder must have flagged my account within seconds. I have one match that reappears every time it’s swiped left or right. I press “Delete Account” to reset it and nothing happens. Either dev console shows a 500 on the request or the Tinder app says “There was a problem”.

My emails to support don’t get replies. But the next day I receive an email that says “How was Mia’s support?”.

Maybe their review system gets to my inbox but their ticketing system doesn’t?

I believe this is because I signed up to Tinder using a DuckDuckGo email that is tied to Fastmail. Tinder support ticket emails never hit my inbox or spam.

How can I possibly delete my Platinum Tinder account and reset if the system blocks deletion attempts and Support tickets never get to my inbox? It’s an unusable subscription.