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Readiness status at browser launch

uBO’s readiness at browser launch time is a particularly prickly issue on Chromium-based browsers,[1] especially more so since Chromium 110. This leads to numerous reports of “uBlock stopped working”, which are simply caused by the fact that at launch time the browser started to load webpages before uBO was ready to filter properly (because the filter lists were not fully loaded in memory).

To reduce the number of reports caused by this issue which is outside of uBO’s control, uBO’s toolbar icon will now reflect its readiness status at browser launch.

  1. A yellowish toolbar icon means that uBO is currently loading all filter lists into memory and as such is not ready to filter properly:

    Screenshot from 2023-03-18 12-50-34

  2. If additionally there is a yellowish ! badge while uBO is working toward readiness, this means network requests were fired by the browser which could not be processed by uBO, potentially leading to ads/trackers/etc. not being filtered in some of the already opened webpages:

    Screenshot from 2023-03-18 12-25-30

  3. Once uBO is ready to filter properly, a yellowish ! badge on a normally colored toolbar icon means that the current webpage was not filtered properly at browser launch, potentially causing the current webpage to be afflicted by ads/trackers/etc.:

    Screenshot from 2023-03-18 11-58-36

  4. To remediate the browser launch filtering issue on a given webpage, you can simply force a reload of that webpage, which as a result will bring back the badge to be rendered as expected:

    Screenshot from 2023-03-18 11-58-42

For Chromium-based browsers, it is possible to automate step 4 above by checking the setting Suspend network activity until all filter lists are loaded in Filter lists pane in the dashboard. Caveat: in the past some users have reported this negatively interfered with page loading at browser launch time in some cases (example, example), hence why it is optional and not enabled by default in Chromium-based browsers.

With Firefox-based browsers, you should typically only see step 1 and 4 above, unless you disabled the setting Suspend network activity until all filter lists are loaded, which is enabled by default in Firefox.

[1] See uBlock Origin works best on Firefox / Browser launch

Code viewer

Investigating filter issues can be a serious time sink, and to help with this, a code viewer has been added to uBO. The code viewer will automatically beautify HTML/CSS/JS code, which should be an improvement over the browser built-in view-source tool.

You can view beautified source code of HTML/CSS/JS resources when clicking the link in a logger entry. Additionally, if the advanced setting filterAuthorMode is set to true, an entry labelled View source code… will be added to the context menu, so that you can view the source code of any page/resource without having to open the logger.

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