Over 3,500 CEOs and founders representing over 200,000 employees have signed this petition: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd0_0JOGdaXSDs-WaAXzzEy_tR7akOF7GBTfTb-r-Me0trNPQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

To the Honorable Secretary Janet Yellen, Chairman Martin J. Gruenberg, Chairman Brown, and Chairman McHenry:

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned about the rapid failure of Silicon Valley Bank, a leading financial institution that has played a vital role in supporting the technology industry in the United States. We are not asking for a bailout for the bank equity holders or its management; we are asking you to save innovation in the American economy.

We ask for relief and attention to an immediate critical impact on small businesses, startups, and their employees who are depositors at the bank. According to the NVCA, Silicon Valley Bank has over 37,000 small businesses with more than $250,000 in deposits. These balances are now unavailable to them, and without further intervention, according to the FDIC website, may be inaccessible for months to years.

In the Y Combinator community, one-third of startups with exposure to SVB used SVB as their sole bank account. As a result, they will fail to have the cash to run payroll in the next 30 days. By that measure, we can estimate that payroll-related furlough or shutdown will impact more than 10,000 small businesses and startups. If the average small business or startup employs 10 workers, this will have an immediate effect of furlough, layoff, or shutdown, affecting over 100,000 jobs in the most vibrant sector of innovation in our economy.

Silicon Valley Bank’s failure has a real risk of systemic contagion. Its collapse has already instilled fear among founders and management teams to look for safer havens for their remaining cash, which can trigger a bank run on every other smaller bank.  

If we allow this to happen, it will immediately impact the US technology industry and US competitiveness worldwide and ultimately set back US competitiveness by a decade or more, while the rest of the world races forward.

We have a simple ask:

Small business depositors at Silicon Valley Bank should be made whole. Regulators need to conduct a backstop of depositors. We are not asking for a bank bailout.

– Longer term, Congress should work to restore stronger regulatory oversight and capital requirements for regional banks, and any malfeasance or mismanagement on the part of SVB executives leading to this failure should be investigated.

This requires swift and decisive action in order to prevent further shockwaves through the economy that could lead to financial crisis and layoffs of more than 100,000 workers. We must protect US competitiveness in the world.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.


Garry Tan, CEO & President Y Combinator

Over 3,500 CEOs and founders representing over 200,000 employees have signed this petition. If you’re a current founder or CEO, please consider signing: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd0_0JOGdaXSDs-WaAXzzEy_tR7akOF7GBTfTb-r-Me0trNPQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

Arash Ferdowsi Co-founder Dropbox
Pedro Franceschi CEO, Founder Brex
Ricardo weder CEO & Founder Justo
Drew Durbin CEO and Co-founder Wave
Manuela Sanchez Cofounder Laika universe inc
Adrian Aoun CEO & Founder Forward
Mike Knoop Co-founder Zapier
Steven Wongsoredjo Co-Founder and CEO Nusantara Holdings, Inc. (Super)
Edvard Engesaeth Co-founder Nurx
Olugbenga Agboola CEO, Founder Flutterwave Inc
Kumar Mehta Co-Founder Versa Networks Inc
Alex Austin CEO Branch Metrics, Inc
Ariel Katz CEO, Co-Founder H1
Logan Head Cofounder Whatnot
Benjamin Labra CEO Houm
Jose Zambrano CEO Skydropx
Armando solbes Co-founder Skydropx
Femi Kuti CEO Reliance Health
Ryan Neu CEO Vendr, Inc.
Ivan Tsybaev CEO, Founder Careerist Inc
Felipe Betancourt Celis Co-founder Liftit.co
Alex Tew Co-founder Calm
William H Patterson jr CEO carerev
Tim Griffin CEO, Co-founder Craftwork, Odeko, and Cloosiv
Freddy Vega CEO Platzi
Vince C. Ning CEO & Founder Nabis
Julian Melo CEO UBITS
Philip Inghelbrecht CEO Tatari, Inc
Mark Schopmeyer Co ceo CaptivateIQ, Inc.
Kunal Girotra Founder & CEO Lunar Energy
Art Agrawal CEO Jerry inc
Jon Goldsmith CEO Local Kitchens
Ali Javid CEO Wrapbook
Andrew Wang CEO Valon
John Kobs Founder Apartment List
Christian Patino Co-founder Coderhouse
Sam Hodges Co-founder and CEO Vouch, Inc.
Scott Phoenix Founder & CEO Vicarious
Tim Spratt Co-founder Permutive
Aarjav Trivedi Co-founder & CEO Ridecell Inc
Shaunak CEO SnackMagic
Michael Marrale CEO M Science LLC
Francis Duong Co-founder Flexe
K. Taylor Wakefield COO, Co-founder Gravitational, Inc. (provider of Teleport)
Songe LaRon CEO and Co-founder Squire
Jonathan Tarud CEO Koombea Inc
Vishrut Co-founder InspectHOA
Hussein Gawzi CEO/ co-founder PideDirecto
Cesar Pino Co-founder Truora
Daniel Bilbao CEO, Co-Founder Truora
Pablo Mejia COO Colegium
George Kalogeropoulos CEO, Founder HealthSherpa
Matthew Schulman CEO Pave Pave
Soumyadeb Mitra CEO, Founder RudderStack
David Cuadrado Co-Founder Truora
Dimitri Dadiomov CEO Modern Treasury
Matt Marcus Co-founder Modern Treasury
Bryn Jones CEO, Co-founder PartnerStack
Pablo Viguera Co-Founder, Co-CEO Belvo
Alexander Meek President & Co-founder Moxion
Jason Traff Co-founder Shipwell
Ryan chan CEO Upkeep
Dan Ryan CEO, Co-founder VergeSense
Sondre Rasch Co-founder and CEO SafetyWing
Forrest Heath CEO Somos Networks, Inc.
Jay Reno Founder Feather
Anand Kishore ceo Aspire
Gautam Narang CEO and Co-founder Gatik
David Mack Co founder SketchDeck
Saleem Khatri CEO Lavu
Pelin Kenez CEO, Founder Zeplin, Inc.
Berk Çebi CPO, Co-founder Zeplin, Inc.
Yusuf Sherwani CEO and Co-founder Quit Genius
Vedha Sayyaparaju Cofounder and CTO Zuddl
Puneet Mehta CEO Netomi Ai
Newsha Ghaeli President & Cofounder Biobot Analytics
Ian Lee CEO, Co-Founder Examedi
Kevin Kliman CEO, cofounder Humi
Travis Deyle Founder & CEO Cobalt Robotics Inc
Deepak Chhugani CEO, Founder Nuvocargo
Eduardo Mata Co-founder Meru
Ian Christopher CTO, co-founder Qventus
Michel Cohen Founder BEON.tech
Gadi shamia CEO and founder Replicant
Earl Hathaway Cofounder Vaero and DataGrail
Manuel Barna Ferrés Cofounder Henry
Tom Lemberg Founder & CEO Curebase
Cameron Yarbrough CEO Torch
Matias Reina CEO, Co-founder Abstracta
Ian Burgess President & Co-founder Validere Technologies Ltd.
Kiran Joshi Co-founder Thread Robotics
Bharath Gokaraju CEO, Co-founder Joyn Experiences Inc
Amir Nathoo Co-founder & CEO Outschool
Bart Roszkowski Vue Storefront Inc.
Emre FADILLIOGLU CEO & Co-founder AopSamurai
Matthew Lafferty CEO Curri
Julio Guzman CEO AgendaPro, Inc.
Ruben Cordoba CEO Umany intermediate holdings LLC
Chris Dean CEO Treasury Prime
Nate Maslak CEO & COfounder Ribbon Health
Josh Mangel Co-founder Pipe.com
George Favvas Cofounder and CEO Circle Medical
Jonah Greenberger CEO Bright
Charlie Warren CEO and co-founder Convex
Riku Lindholm COO / VP-founder Meru Health
Mariya Nurislamova CEO Scentbird
Alexander Torrenegra CEO Torre
Martín Anazco Co-CEO & Founder Jampp Inc
Kumesh Aroomoogan Founder and CEO Accern
Ola Oyetayo CEO VertoFX
Roy Yang CEO Giant Machines
João Pedro Thompson Co-founder, CEO Z1
Ryan Letzeiser CEO and Co-founder Obie
Daryna Kulya Co-Founder OpenPhone
Akilesh Bapu CEO DeepScribe
Richard Nelson CEO Roofr
Kurt Ruppel Co-founder Middesk
Laura Chambers CEO Willow Innovations Inc
Juan Amador CEO Hobbio Inc
Mateo Cavasotto CEO & Co-founder Emi Labs, Inc
Diego Saez Gil CEO, Founder Pachama
Jorge Zamora Founder GoLinks
Carlos Escutia CEO GroWrk Remote
Andres Arslanian CTO Co-Founder Emi Labs
Jerome de Lafargue CEO, Founder Zeroheight Inc.
Iai CEO & co-founder Ramani
Calvin Usiri Co Founder Ramani.io
John Wang Co-founder, CTO Assembled, Inc.
Trevor McKendrick CEO & cofounder Seis
Suyash Sinha CEO, Co-Founder MyScoot Inc
Joachim Krüger Co-founder Two B2B
Armand Foudjet Co-founder Garage
Adam Kolom Co-Founder and CEO Related Sciences
Derek Richardson Founder and CEO Deako
Santiago Molina Co-founder Finkargo
Gustavo Gorenstein CEO and Co-founder Bx blue
Sonakshi Nathani CEO & Co-Founder BIK
Max Hodak CEO Science
Gwanygha’a Gana CEO & Co-Founder Garage Mobility
Aaron Letzeiser Co-Founder Obie
Vignan Velivela CEO AtoB (CElegans Labs Inc)
Jeff Vyduna Co-founder Poll Everywhere
Carlos Vega CEO, Co-Founder Tesorio, Inc.
Jonathan CEO Zenysis Technologies Inc
Ashwin Ramesh CEO Synup.com
Will Peng CEO & Co-founder Northstar
Joey Grassia CEO, founder Shef
Jesus Lanza Co-founder mattilda
Ivan Cardenas CEO and co-founder BeGo
Aman Gour Co-founder TurboHire
Pablo Estevez CEO/Founder Gus.chat
Benjamin Encz CEO Ashby
Abhik Pramanik Co-founder Ashby
Mateo CEO Todos comemos
Doktor Gurson CEO, Co-founder Rad AI
Izhar Wallach CTO, Co-founer Atomwise
Andrés Iriarte Co-Founder Fithub
Aditya Kothadiya CEO Avoma.com
Saman Farid CEO Formic
Laura Cressman Co-founder QA Wolf
Nicholas Hinrichsen CEO Clutch
Miguel Carranza Guisado CTO RevenueCat
Garry Cooper CEO, Co-founder Rheaply
Stephen Kuhl CEO & Co-Founder Burrow, Inc.
Sagar Shah Founder Made Renovation
David J. Phillips CEO & Founder Fondo
Nicholas Tommarello CEO Wefunder
Magi Richani CEO Nobell Foods
Jacob Eiting Co-founder & CEO RevenueCat
Christopher Coleman Cofounder WithClutch Inc
Yin Wu CEO & Co-founder Pulley
Vincent Carbone Co-founder Brightidea Incorporated
Steve Tuck Co-founder and CEO Oxide Computer Company
Fabio Fleitas CTO / Co-founder Tesorio
Roger Teran Co-Founder R2
Soham More CEO, Co-Founder Sympto Health
Jitin Bhasin Founder & CEO SaveIN, Inc.
Austen Allred CEO Bloom Institute of Technology
Geronimo Maspero Co-founder Humand
Denis Bellavance CTO Inspectify, inc.
Jim Deters CEO Gravity Haus
Caterine Castillo CEO & Co-Founder Neivor
Pratap Ranade CEO and Co-Founder Arena AI
Amit Paka Co-founder & COO Fiddler AI
Lora Kratchounova Founder Scratch Marketing + Media
Mateo Jaramillo CEO Heru
Ayal Yogev CEO, Co-Founder Anjuna Security
Cyrus Karbassiyoon CTO, Co-founder Scratchpad
Gregory Koberger CEO ReadMe
Pamela valdes esteva CEO Beek
Alok Goel CEO and Co-founder Drivetrain AI Inc
Dmitry Birulia Cofounder Veryfi, in.
Chris Zacharias CEO, Founder imgix
Bruno Lucas Founder Zippi
Will Kim Co-CEO Karat Financial
Mario Bustamante CEO & founder Instacrops
Andrew Norris Co-Founder & CEO DevCycle
Max Kolysh CEO Dover
Alex Alvarado CEO Daybreak Health
Sean Mitchell CEO REZI
Nidhi jain CEO Cloudeagle
Brian Reauarrh CEO Latitud
Rabi Gupta CEO Evabot Inc
Daniel wall Ceo Wallings
Daniel Salas CFO COO E1 Technology Inc
Felipe Racines Co-Founder Seeri
Ashish Walia Co-founder Lawtrades
Stuart Blitz Co-Founder/COO Hone Health
Pol Co-foundr haddock.app
Pablo Davicino CTO, Co-founder Properix
Pramod Sharma Founder, Osmo Osmo
Cassie Choi Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer, Registered Nurse Pair Team
Shane Kovalsky Co-founder, CEO Mystery
Christopher Molozian CEO Heroic Labs
Ethan Lieber CEO Latchel
Ezequiel Bucai CEO Wibond
Elizabeth Larkin Founder and Co-CEO Honeylove
Chema Sanroman CEO and Co-founder Kuona, Inc
Thiago Garuti Co-founder Malga
Eduardo Williams Co-founder and CEO Contalink
Neil Batlivala CEO Pair Team
HENRY MASCOT CEO, Cofounder Curacel
Chuma Ogunwole Co-founder Pyka
Robbie Bhathal Founder &CEO Brightflow AI
Neema Moraveji Co-Founder Spire Health
Mine Kansu Co-founder Oda Portal
Matheus Riolfi Co-founder & CEO Tint
Joe Heitzeberg Founder Crowd Cow
Andrew Scheuermann CEO and cofounder Arch Systems Inc.
Frank Yu CEO and Founder Coterie Baby, Inc.
Selcuk Atli CEO and co-founder Bunch Live, Inc
Andrew Seddon CEO, Co-founder CircuitHub
Artem Golubev CEO TestRigor, Inc.
Schuyler Deerman Co-founder & CEO Positive Food Co.
Nikita Shamgunov CEO neon
Daniel Otero Cofounder Ozon
Andres mendez CEO UbankU.co
Fred Stevens-Smith CEO, Founder Rainforest QA
Apoorva Sharma CEO, co-founder SalaryBook
Kshitij CEO & Co-founder ZeoAuto
Shaun Ng Co-founder Fifth Row Holdings, Inc.
Javier CEO Kredi
Walter Gonzalez CEO Livement – Boletomovil
Gabriel Vera CEO Wited
Connor Zwick CEO Speak
Kush Kella CEO & Co-founder Vartana
David McDonough CEO and Founder Commonstock
Muffadal Saylawala CEO, Founder Casa Oro Group
Luqui Diaz Co-founder Mudafy
Kimberly Robles Co-founder & Co CEO Hype and Vice INC
Christophe Pasquier CEO Slite
Niki Khokale Cofounder & CEO Fountain9, Inc.
Fabio Muniz CEO Awari
Lanre Ogungbe CEO, Co-Founder Prembly Inc
David Susa Co-founder Luable Inc
James Hawkins CEO PostHog
Kennan Davison CEO, Founder Skio
Peter Hunt CEO Elementl
Matin Tamizi CEO, Co-founder Cuenca
Shay Sethi CEO, Co-founder Ambercycle
Lucas Ranallo CEO & Co-Founder celeri
Luka Sincek Co-Founder Juicy Marbles (Formidable Foods Inc.)
Neal Jean Co-founder, CEO Beacons
Sara Du CEO & Cofounder Alloy Automation
Ramiro Berrelleza Founder Okteto
Ricardo Latournerie CEO Llama
Alejandro Lozano Zárate Co-founder Vitau
Evan Tann Co-founder Thankful AI
Jaime Tabachnik Co-founder and CEO Solvento
Hans Thomas Founder & CEO 10X Capital
Ariel Vaisman Founder & CEO RendaloMaq
Lukas Zorich Co-founder Fintoc
Shara Ticku CEO and co-founder C16 Biosciences
Jan Heinvirta CEO & Co-Founder Perfekto LLC
Arup Roy-Burman Founder & CEO Elemeno Health
Henry Sanchez CEO Apparta
Roi Kliper CEO, Co-founder City Hive
Sasha Orloff CEO Puzzle
Christian Knudsen Co-founder Littio
Rafael Resende Pereira CTO, Co-founder Onebrief
Vivian Wang Founder & CEO LANDED
James Cundle Co-founder and CTO Mio
Jiri Trecak CEO, Founder Supernova
Kyriakos Eleftheriou CEO and co-founder Terra API
Martina Moring Co-founder Customily Inc
Topher Haddad CEO Albedo
Chris Bakke CEO Laskie
Winston Tri Co-founder Albedo
Jose Carlos Aguilar CEO Palenca
Victor Braga Co-founder Pluggy
marwa hage cofounder Munily
Raphael Kappeler Founder Reworth
Jasmin Hume CEO, Founder Shiru
Mitchell Contreras CPO/CTO, Co-founder Munily
Brad Dwyer Co-Founder, CTO Roboflow
Omar Kassim CEO Nomod Inc
Jose M. Mejia Oneto CEO, Founder Shasqi
Khaled alhaj CEO Munily
Lauren Schulte Want CEO The Flex Company
Marc Barros CEO Moment
Mateus Felini CEO Datlo
Consuelo chasseing Ceo & co founder For_me
Brian Vallelunga CEO & Co-founder Doppler
Santo Leo CEO & Co-Founder Homepro Pay
Kevin Gibbon CEO, Co-Founder Airhouse
Mike Greenfield Co-founder Change Research
Matthew liu Co-founder Origin Protocol
Sunny Tsang Co-founder Fond Technologies, inc.
AyJay Lasater CTO, Co-founder Albedo
James Howard CTO, Co-Founder Iris Automation
Grace Chang Founder/CEO Kintsugi
Amit Kulkarni CEO Heymarket
Mitchell Jones Co-Founder/CEO Lendtable
Alex Bilmes CEO Endgame
Juan CEo Momentu
Panpan Wang Cofounder, CFO The Flex Company
Luis Ubillas Co-Founder Kurios
Ali Afshar CEO Mytos
Noah Palansky CEO Taiv
Vansh Langer CEO BBy
Gavin Sherry Co-founder Definitive Intelligence
Juan Velez Co-founder Terapify
Mark Murphy CEO, Co-founder Banner Technologies, Inc.
Felipe Villaneda Co-CEO & Co-founder Octapus Inc
Charlie Cheever CEO and co-founder Expo
Chen Yu Tsen CEO Ramen VR
Anton Vaisburd Co-founder Datrics
Lance Hydrick CEO Halda
Mostafa Gamaleldin CEO Camelan
Maha elrefai Co-founder Camelan
Shiva Adireddy CEO, Co-founder ADVANO
Jeffery Chang President & Co-Founder Cboe Vest
Bradley Eckert Founder Koko Home, Inc.
Ana Ramos Ceo and cofounder Glitzi Inc
Oliver Gunasekara CEO Impossible Metals
Taimur Abdaal CEO Causal
Angel CEO Beu
Victor Cardenas CEO Slash
Paul Anthony CEO & Co-Founder OpStart
Ryan Kellogg CEO and Co-Founder RTHM
Kush Singh CEO, Co-Founder Hitch Technologies, Inc.
Nick Sweeting CTO, Co-Founder Monadical
Carol Marks Founder CCP Enterprises
Jacek Prus Founder Current Foods
Debashish bhadra Co-Founder Amiloz
Roq Xever Co-Founder 4see, Inc.
Dan Parsons Co-Founder Thoughtful Automation Inc
Manmit Shrimali CEO, Founder Turing Labs Inc.
Hamza Zia CEO GitStart
Alex Lofton Co-founder Landed, Inc.
Jorge torres CEO MindsDB
Rachel Lea Fishman CEO, Co-founder Arketa
Juan Alvarez Co-founder Sytex
Santiago Lagier CEO Brandtrack Inc
Jason Springs CEO and C-founder Endpoint Health
Devaki Raj CEO CrowdAI
Nicholas Donahue CEO, Co-Founder Atmos
Judd Schoenholtz CEO and Co-Founder Balance Homes
Guy Cohen CEO Wonder
Felipe Campos CEO Tarefa
Jared Mermey CEO GigXR
Abe Tarapani CEO Atlas AI
Ajith Govind Co-founder Turing Labs Inc
Diego Rey Co-founder Endpoint Health
Dusko Kelez CEO Hapi Corp.
Pedro Moura Co-founder Flourish Fi
Mohammed Roshan CEO GoSats
Dekel Valtzer CEO and Co-founder Avo
Matt Pasternack CEO Once
Mike Carter Co-Founder Fleetzero
Steven Henderson CEO Fleetzero
Chris Ciriello CEO, Founder CYBERDONTICS (USA) INC
Joe Du Bey CEO and co-founder Eden
Jacky Lai Co-founder and CEO Peeba.com
Bruno Faviero Co-Founder & CEO Magna
Laduram Vishnoi CEO Middleware Lab Inc
Ben Hale CEO, Co-founder Brite
Wen Founder Smarking, Inc.
Daniel Li CEO Marble
Juan Camilo González Trujillo CEO Figuro
Austin Briggs CTO, Co-founder Inversion
Michael Witz Ceo Redemption Games
Perry Zheng Founder and CEO Cash Flow Portal
Freddie Green COO, Co-founder Minimum
Nicolas CEO QuestDB
Nicolas Rojas CEO Factcil
Juraj Masar CEO and co-founder Better Stack
Tamara Chayo Romo CEO and Founder MEDU Protection
Yusuf Erkul CEO, Co-founder Kernal Biologics
Ajay Bam CEO, Founder Vyrill
Einaras von Gravrock CEO, Founder CUBE SECURITY INC
Adrien HUBERT CFO Cardashift
Michael Dubrovsky CPO and Cofounder SiPhox
Ben Parr President & Co-Founder Octane AI
Faisal Ah Co-Founder ERDLab
Ryan Janoch Cofounder Mapistry
Matt Harris CEO Dyspatch
Gabriella DeFlorio CEO & Founder Prelay
Kim Durans Ceo & Founder Cheaf Technologies, Inc
Patrick CEO, Co-Founder Drip
Dan Pinchasi CEO, Co-founder Kalto
Darshan Shankar CEO, Founder Bigscreen
Chris Woodard Co-founder Handle.com
Alice Deng Co-founder Slope
Fawzy Abu Seif CEO, Founder Spokn
Aldo Del Valle Founder & ceo Apprecio
Waqas Ali Co-founder Atoms
Jason Sylvestre CEO H3X
Nitthin Chandran Nair CEO MedPiper Technologies, Inc
Pablo Alvestegui Seelenfreund Co-Founder AllRide Mobility Inc
Raina Jain Founder, CEO HiveGuard
Juan Diego Galvez CEO PayCaddy
Daniel Sugarman CEO Zentail
James Theuerkauf CEO & Co-Founder Syrup Tech
Juan Caviglia CEO and co-founder Meitre
Joe Merullo Ceo, founder Arrenda
Maria Artunduaga CEO, Founder Samay
Mitchell Founder Wagetap
Marlon Misra CEO Copilot
David Hua CEO, Co-Founder Meadow
Jinal Jhaveri CEO Enable Us
Syed Ahmed Co-Founder Tara AI
antonia San Martín CEO Plutto
Neil Raina CTO, Co-founder Copilot
Nohtal Partansky CEO Sorting Robotics
Mariel Eleanor Davis Co-Founder Spokn
Andrea Mazzocchi CEO Known Medicine
Suhail Doshi CEO Playground AI
Aldo Briano Co-founder Yiftee
Michael Malis Co-founder Freshpaint
Thomas Mazimann CEO TeamOut
Tomer Molovinsky CEO, Co-founder Per Diem
Vincent Jiang CEO, Founder Acho
Segun Adeyemi CEO Anchor Software
Asher Adeniyi CEO Eazipay Inc
Sagar Soni Co-Founder Requestly (YC W22)
Ariel Diaz Ailan Co-founder Rebill
Karan Jain CTO, Co-founder Numero
Govinda upadhyay Ceo Smarthelio
Karina Derbez CTO, Co-founder Monto
Andrew Fayad Ceo Elm Learning
Momplaisir jefferson CEO BLUEE
Alexandru Circei CEO & Co-Founder Waydev
Nick Ornitz CEO and Co-Founder Topline Pro
Azim Barodawala CEO and Co-Founder Volantio, Inc.
Monji Dolon CEO and Co-founder Measured
Jesus Chavez CEO, Co-Founder CABRA Sports
Armand Cognetta CEO/Founder Weatherwax Biotechnologies
Mark Hurley Co-CEO and Co-Founder Caruso – SAAS for fund managers
Karthik Balakrishnan Co-Founder Actual
Sukhesh Co-founder & CEO Procyon Inc
Stephen Lamb Co-founder & COO ZBiotics
Manuel Godoy Co-founder CEO Felix Technologies Inc
Florian Braeuer Founder Gavel Inc
A. Tuschman Founder Pinpoint AI
Alex Kehayias Founder, CEO Mosey
Matthew Haber CEO, Co-Founder Cofactr
Neil McLean CEO Navattic
Oscar Mauricio Morales Franco CEO, Co-founder DailyBot, Inc.
Iba Masood Co-founder and CEO Tara AI
Rich Kane CEO Vergo
Ryan Bednar CEO, Founder RankScience
Antonio Gonzalez Co-founder Jupe
Joe Vezzani Co-founder & Dad LunarCrush
Helle Jeppsson Founder Scape
Nick Porter Co-founder 42 Technologies, Inc
Rachel Mumford Co-founder Anima
Stephen Johnson Cofounder OneChronos
Francis Larson CEO and Founder Ascen Inc.
Cassio Santos CTO, Co-founder Sorting Robotics
Hasan Nawaz CEO HUBUC
Craig Hunter CEO and Co-founder Dwelling
Francisco Rodríguez del Campo Co-founder Roddo
Christina Gilbert Co-founder OneSchema
Jason Kowalski Founder & CEO ProductWind
Ty Sharp Co-Founder & CEO inBuild
Cossi AROUKO CEO Bujeti Inc
Rahul Asati CTO, Co-Founder Atlas Support Inc
Richard White CEO & Founder Fathom
Macarena Baigorria CEO Avocademy
Josh Santos CEO Noya
Torben Friehe CEO Wingback
Ian Sharp Co-Founder inBuild
Carl Madi CEO and Co-Founder Stepful
Louis Beryl CEO & Founder Rocketplace
Pratik Mundra Co-founder PayO
Ligma Boulez CEO Petonc
Abhishek Saxena CEO unSkript, Inc.
Sunday Paul Adah CEO & Founder Pay4Me App
Vicente Garrido Co-Founder Roddo
Suman Sharma Co-founder, CTO Procyon Inc.
Benjamin Roux Co-founder Koala
Sola Ogunsakin CTO, Co-founder Terrace
Daniel Eun CEO Uiflow
Jay Cady Co-Founder Hyperframe
Xavier Lesage CEO and co-founder Einstein Studios
Ira Spector, PhD CEO and Co-founder SFA Therapeutics, Inc.
Chirath Neranjena CEO Vorticity Inc
Heang Chan CEO, Co-Founder Prelim
Anelya Grant Co-foudner Loopfour Inc.
Varun Srinivasan Co-Founder Farcaster
Julie Scotland Co-founder Pasito
Stephen Van Dien Co-founder and CTO Persephone Biosciences
Ashar Rizqi Founder and CEO Bounti.ai
Yuta Matsuda Co-founder Genomelink, Inc.
Ian Cinnamon CEO Apex
Albert Gozzi CEO Aleph Labs
Alec ellin CEO and cofounder Laylo, inc.
Stephanie Curr CEO and Co-Founder Persephone Biosciences
Philip Co-founder and CEO Tranch Inc.
Hamzah Chaudhary CEO and Co-founder Lightdash
Christopher Hill COO, Co-founder Massdriver
Gianni Martire CEO Applied Physics
Kashif Saleem Founder SubscriptionFlow
Haowen Shi Co-founder Mach9 Robotics Inc.
Kristine Yoshihara CTO, Co-founder Quadrant Eye
Sasha Medvedovsky CEO Diversion
James Richards CEO & Co-founder Evergrow
Krzysztof Klimczak Co-founder and CEO Authologic Inc.
Shadi Saberi Co-founder iSono Health
Juan Carlos Garza Co-founder Holacasa
Maxim Perumal Founder, CEO UNAI
Guido Galanter CEO Philippo
Miguel Medina CEO & CoFounder Plerk
Angelo Huang CEO, Founder Swifteam Inc.
Tanu Venkatesh CEO Ziguar Inc
Oren Friedman CEO Rally UXR
Bebe Kim Co-Founder Basis.so
Matt Velker CEO and Co-founder OpenWrench
Casey Bell CEO Aecore Inc
Casey Bell CEO Aecore Inc
Ben Firshman CEO Replicate
Tyler Borek CEO Literably
Dani Grant CEO Jam
Sonny Mo CEO Bloom
Pranav Raj Sreepuram CEO Chatwoot
Manas K Verma CEO AlgoUniversity
Fernando Diaz CEO / Co-founder Qapla GG
Stefan Seltz-Axmacher CEO & Co-Founder Polymath Robotics
Cory ODaniel CEO & Co-Founder Massdriver
Amir Tarighat CEO and cofounder Agency Cybersecurity
Champ Bennett CEO, Co-Founder Capsule
Luca Maraschi CEO, Co-founder Platformatic inc
Andrew Lapica CEO, Founder FilmFreeway
Matt Voska Co-founder Origami
Roman Rosario Co-founder RealCrowd.com
Geoffrey Lucks Co-founder VenoStent
Oban MacTavish Co-founder Spade
Alec Robins Co-Founder Rally
Cristian Asenjo Co-founder Spoil you
Karthik Kalyanaraman Co-founder & CTO Scale3 Labs
Nimit Sawhney Co-Founder, CEO Voatz, Inc.
Tyler Stambaugh COO MAGNETIQ
Quentin Rousseau Founder Rootly
Diego Moyano Founder Biop LLC
Brent Franson Founder & CEO Most Days
Joshe Ordonez Founder and CEO Airpals
Shayan Mashatian Founder and CEO Silverberry
Russell Varriale Co-founder & COO Resolve
Mehrdad Shafaie COO+CoFounder CoreCare
Rob McEwan Co-founder KorrAI Technologies
Jimmy Zelinskie Co-founder authzed
Joselyn Lai CEO/Co-founder Bedrock Energy
Ela Madej Co-founder Fifty Years Industries LLC
Gordon Hempton CEO Spot Virtual
Kashif Ali Founder & CEO Ukama inc.
Alok Shukla Founder, CEO FunnelStory Inc.
Benedetta Di Robilant Co-founder Dorian therapeutics
Chris Giliberti Co-Founder & CEO Zestworld
Elizabeth Garber Co-founder and Chief Product Officer IDPartner
Vamsee Founder and CEO Spadeworks ( Edustack Inc)
Alok Shukla Founder, CEO FunnelStory Inc.
Karim Saleh CEO Cerrion
Cory Bray CEO CoachCRM
Lawrence Gentilello CEO & President Optery
Gleb Arshinov CEO 650 Health
Brian Maurer Co-founder Bristle Health
Frankie Brannon Co-founder Measured
Devin Ajimine CEO, Co-founder LifeAt
Ignacio Marquez CTO Plutto
Amar Gautam Founder & CEO HyperTrader Inc.
Wesley Hather Co-founder Spot Virtual
Frances Anastassacos Cofounder Nabla Bio, Inc.
Hannah Olson CEO Disclo
Philip Scott Co-founder and CEO Hyperbeam
Bhavya Bharat Agarwal CTO Coinfeeds
Mohamed Hassan Kane Co-Founder & CEO Medium Biosciences
Maria Barrera CEO & co-founder Clayful
Megan Lacy CEO & Co-Founder Lumineye Inc.
Phillip daneshyar CEO Kanda Co
Jolena Ma Co-founder Ditto
Robert Hinckley Co-founder Lovage Labs Inc.
Moncef Biaz CTO, Co-founder Artifact Company Inc
Victor Sadauskas, MD Co-founder & CEO Kivo Health, Inc.
Anja Winikka Co-founder Maroo
Urvin Soneta Cofounder Usesynth.com
Ross Chanin CEO Artifact
Joseph Lee Co-Founder & CEO Syncly
Gaspard de Lacroix-Vaubois CEO, Co-founder SKYPHER
Samiur Rahman CEO Canopy Labs, Inc. (dba Heyday)
Michael Hananel CEO Strategic Growth Real Estate, Inc.
Domingo Garcia-Huidobro CEO and Co-founder Ruuf
George Quraishi Co-founder Artifact
Sean Huang Co-founder Matidor.com
Thomas Laporte Co-founder HyLight
Jon Greenwald Co-Founder & CEO Caira Surgical
Birgitt Boschitsch Co-Founder & CEO spotLESS Materials Inc.
Andrew Cook Co-founder & CEO Tettra
Ayham Ereksousi Co-founder CEO Stomio
Mary Hernandez COO and Co-founder Suma Wealth
Jose Ignacio Galindo CEO Waterplan
Matthew Iommi CEO Fetii
Enoch CEO/Founder Soraban
Simon White Co-founder & CTO Rebank
Anji Ismail CEO Finnt
Michael McIntyre CEO, Co-founder Fam
Nihar Parikh Co-founder Axle
Cameron Duncan Co-Founder & CEO Axle
Connor Hailey CEO Axle Health
Tanmay Chaudhari Co-founder Excheqr
Trent Harvey Founder & CEO Covie
Ahmed Galal CEO Nomo
Alexandre Wayenberg CEO Shape Labs Inc.
Mike Mahlkow CEO Fastgen
Ron Bhattacharyay CEO Sail
Scott Smith Co-founder Fizz
Bobby Pinckney CEO, Founder Discz Music
Adam Alpert CEO Pangea.app
Felipe Echandi Co-founder Cuanto
Ben Botvinick CEO Hyper
Daniel Jones Founder Versori Group Inc
Kevin Bunarjo Software Engineer Joon App, Inc
Rishab Ramanathan Co-founder Openlayer
Pawel Gut Co-founder Loop Support
Fabian R. Torres CEO, Co-founder Trebol Intermediate Holdings, LLC
Tristan Tao CEO HyperArc
Joseph Sciarrino CEO Hydra
Brendan Falk CEO Fig
Jacob Philip CEO MedLever Inc
Nadine ElAshkar CEO founder Lilo
Wesley Zheng CEO, founder Posh Robotics Inc
Vitali Karpeichyk CEO, Founder PigPug Health
Edward Zhang Co-Founder Fam
Nathan Totten Co-founder Zuplo
Luis Buitrago co-founder Trebol
Gabe Horwitz Co-founder eqtble
Leon Punambolam Co-founder & President Samos Insurance
Ivan Kadic Co-founder, CEO 60seconds ltd
Tyler Doermann CTO & co-founder JobWise
ILYA Usorov Co-founder BoldVoice
Zane Salim CEO and Co-founder Atlas
Théo Hoenen CEO HyLight
Yuxin Zhu CEO Replo
Nicholas Rudder Co-founder & CEO Sphere
Christopher Shafer Co-founder Well Principled
Ryan Richt Founder & CEO Well Principled
Chris Horne Founder Filta
Ankit jain CEO and co-founder Aviator
Alex Damianou CEO, co-founder OpenAxis
Raza Habib CEO Humanloop
Robert thelen CEO Rownd
Joseph Wingbermuehle Co-founder Well-Principled
Michael Phillips Co-Founder Vena Medical
Daniel Brain CTO / cofounder OneText
Dev Patel Co-founder Aqua
Alisha Fredriksson CEO Seabound
Curtis Fonger CEO, Co-founder Whalesync
Matthew Busel Matthew Busel, COO Whalesync
Avni Patel Thompson CEO Milo
Jamie Bacher CEO and Cofounder Boost Biomes
Yash Khandelwal Co-founder, CEO Dashwave
Pedro Nascimento Founder Findly
Joseph DeMaria CEO & Co-Founder SpecCheck
Deepak Prabhakara CEO BoxyHQ
Aymeric Halvarsson CEO Slabstack Software, Inc.
Luke Youngblood CEO Lunar Labs, Inc.
Pablo Mendes CEO Kailua Labs
Anthony Valente CEO Concord Materials
David Barinas CEO & Co-founder Cubo.land
Rachel Munsie CEO and Co-Founder Ounce of Care
Gorka Aguirre Ceo, Co-founder Snab
Avi Horowitz CEO, Co-Founder Marco
Megan Nunes CEO, Founder Bountiful
Johan Kers Co-founder Birch Biosciences Inc.
Sanket Firodiya Co-founder Hammr Inc
Alex Lee Co-founder, CEO Truewind
Kimberly King-Burns CSO and co-founder BTech American LLC
Jake Mod Founder & CEO Superwall
Daniela Perlein Loam
Jack Hopkins Co-Founder Paperplane
Will Olsen CEO Engage Biologics Inc.
Ricky Yean Co-Founder Flow Club
Sam Oluwalana CEO Hyperglue
Adam Neuwirth CEO & Founder Galaxy
David Winer Cofounder Ciro
Ravi Chachra CEO, Co-fouder 8vdX
Carina Cater Co-founder 1stCollab
Sebastian Alvarado Co-founder CTO Valari
James Murray CEO Therify
Leandro Castro Co-founder Logica
Quinn Wang CEO, Founder Quadrant Eye
Kaushik Tiwari CEO/Co-founder Better Financial Corporation
David Tran Co-founder Flow Club
Reza Azizian CEO, Co-founder Ferveret
Angela Ferrante CEO & Founder Laudable
Haoyu Zha Founder Quick Power, inc
Alexandra Scher CEO, Founder Morf Health
Tunde Adewole CEO Bridgecard Inc
Brice Klein COO, Co-Founder Momentum Foods Inc.
Pedro Virguez CEO Preki
Anuj Saigal CEO, Co-Founder Dataherald
Addwiteey Chrungoo CEO and Co-founder Javelin Robotics
Zara Perumal Founder Overwatch Data
Nikita Ermoshkin CEO Airhart Aeronautics
Beth Hoffman Founder, CEO Origami Therapeutics, Inc.
Eduardo Mussali Co-Founder & CEO Superteam
Guy Shahar CEO Blee
Emmanuel Turlay CEO, Founder Sematic
Jeremy Osborne Co-founder Boundary Layer Technologies
Jayme Hoffman CEO & Cofounder Allthing
Edward yee Co-founder Masref
Andrew Kurland CEO Greentoe
Carissa Castro Co-Founder and CEO Logica
Ross Geiger CEO Ciro
Jacey Jones CEO TripSuite
Andres Avila CEO GenLoyal
Daniel Akle CEO Trebu
Tomas CEO – Cofounder Bitbi
Max Mergenthaler CEO & Co-Founder Nixtla
Kaben Clauson CEO, Base Inc. Base
Agustin Blacker CEO, Co-founder Hedonix Biosciences
Sofia Palamarchuk CEO, Co-founder Apptim
Sam Steyer CEO, Co-Founder Greenwork
Guillermo Gette CEO, Co-founder Workast, Inc.
Mike Wadhera Co-founder Fifteen Motors, Inc.
Roger Tran Co-founder Cinapse
Patrick Skinner Co-Founder AGAMI, Inc
Brayden Wilmoth Co-founder Outerbase
David Ferris Co-Founder & CEO Phonic
Mark Jacobson Founder & CEO Terrain Analytics
Rajiv Dahiya Founder & CEO Voterbee
Tomohiro Takano CEO Genomelink
Ian Yanusko CEO, Co-Founder Bracket
Blesson Abraham CEO Cambio Financial Health Inc.
Kelsey Pedersen Co-Founder & CTO Capsule
Dan Goodman CEO, Co-founder Tangia
Keyan Kazemian CEO, Co-Founder 222
Armaan Sikand COO, Co-Founder Axle
Jay Patel CTO/ Co-Founder Cambio
Chun Jiang CEO Insomnia Labs, Inc. (DBA Monterey AI)
John Ramunas CEO and Co-Founder Rejuvenation Technologies Inc.
Bryan One CEO Oneleet
Gladys Adjei Co-founder Aragorn.ai
Mokshith Voodarla CEO, Co-Founder Sieve
Sean Doherty Co-founder Olli
Jan Schnyder Co-Founder Waveline
Alexander Maher Co-Founder and CEO UpLink, Inc.
Henson Orser CEO & CoFounder Two Dots
Eric Ciarla Co-founder SideGuide Technologies Inc.
Dima Goncharov Co-founder Metriport Inc.
Peter Sugihara CEO, Co-founder Sofn Inc
James Ritchie Co-founder Trigger.dev
Colin Elsinga Co-founder and COO Metriport
Matthew Aitken CEO Trigger.dev
Cameron Sadler CEO Nox
Luis Pellerano Co-founder Ruffo
Cipriano Echavarria Co Founder and CEO Palomma
Gaurav Aggarwal CEO Immuna
Jonathan Sukhia CEO, Co-Founder Topkey, Inc.
Garrett Beck CEO / Co-founder Asseta, Inc.
chiu chau CEO Open Shelf
Andy Prevalsky CTO Hotplate.com
Alex Shortt CTO, Co-founder Mise
Gonzalo Espinoza Graham Co-founder Double
Ianai Urwicz CEO Infinia
Naren Sathiya CEO Telivy
Alejandro Rettig Co-founder Infinia
Graham Doig CEO and Founder Seaflight Technologies Inc.
Gabriel Lopez CEO Synvivia
Jack Amadeo Co-founder Neptyne
Rahul Tarak CEO Scalar.video
Brandon Strittmatter CEO Outerbase
Jackson Roberts CEO WorldQL
Charles Lehman CEO UrbanEyes Real Estate Technologies
Ana Ortiz CEO and Cofounder Ligo
Craig Watson CEO and cofounder Arro
Martin Gouy Co-founder Artifact Company Inc.
Simon Co-founder Forward Search
Andres F. Giraldo B Co-Founder and CEO Komuty Inc
Leonard Bogdonoff Cofounder Milk Video
Lyn Chen Cofounder WebApp.io
Esteban Gorupicz Founder G14t
Vincent barr Founder Operator
David Mehlman Founder and CEO Ommyx, LLC
Michael Hunt Comptroller Integrated Synergy
Aditya Bhatia Co-Founder Orangewood Labs
Ziang Xie CEO Sapling Intelligence, Inc.
Forrest Briggs CEO, Founder Lifecast Incorporated
Mason Alexander Chilmonczyk CEO & Co-founder Andson Biotech Inc.
Francisco Tolmasky CEO RunKit, Inc.
Martin Michelsen Co-founder Bidirectional Energy
Sumana Rao Founder, CEO Cosine IR Inc.
Yang Li Co-founder Buildt Inc
Evis drenova CEO, Co-Founder Nucleus
Vickie Wan COO and Co-founder OpenSight
Vipul Gupta Co-founder UpTrain
Connor Janson Co-Founder BidSight
Patrick Higgins Co-founder Feather Technology Inc.
Jamie Sunderland CEO Cheqout
Max Keenan CEO & Cofounder Needl
Alexander Dunn Co-Founder BidSight, Inc.
Nir Gazit CEO and co-founder Traceloop
Michael Young CEO Afford Lending
Chalam PVS Co-founder and CEO Tingo Tech, Inc.
Aditya Kajla Co-founder & CEO Warrant
Ryan Xue CEO, Co-Founder Layup
Scott Swarthout CEO, Co-founder Lavo Life Sciences
Jeremy Lee CEO Rubbrband
Fabien Devos CEO and Co-founder Wolfia
Kevin Liu Co-founder Numeral
Naren Manoharan CTO & Co-founder Wolfia
Josh Kerber Co-Founder BidSight
Nikhil Kulkarni Co-Founder Nucleus
Ravi Kashyap Bakhai CEO Hypeshot
Danny Sheridan Co-founder Fern
Deepit Patil Co-founder Craze
Molly Swenson Co-founder 3Rodeo
Felipe Abello CEO Nara
Dominic Vitucci CEO & Founder SPRX
Minh Chung Hoang CTO, Co-founder Posh Robotics
Michael Nusimow COO and cofounder ThoughtfulGPT, Cofounder DrChrono ThoughtfulGPT, DrChrono
Jason Hoch Co-founder Nominal
Austin McCoy CEO Artemis Labs
Alex Perelman CEO Playhouse
Shariar Kabir CEO Ruby Card
Rakshit Bhardwaj CEO, Co-Founder Guru AI
Kitchener Wilson CEO, Co-founder Rosebud Biosciences
Sergio Torres CEO, Co-Founder Alvva
Georgy Melkonyan CEO, Founder Zerobroker Technologies, Inc.
Soren Wrenn CEO, Founder TITLES
James O’Dwyer Co-founder Metal
Dylan Mikus Co-founder Supercool Studios, Inc
Diego Baugh Co-founder Tennr
Oscar Rojas Co-founder Nara
Aman Kishore Co-Founder Mirage
Jennifferre Mancillas Co-founder Lumify Care
Peter Mueller Co-founder SeaChange
Janvi Shah Co-Founder & CEO Hue
Ayush Jasuja CTO SpeedyBrand
Jovan Choongh Founder Trueplace
Mike Campbell Founder re:mart
Mike Smith Founder Scrappy Capital
María Roman Founder CEO Beserva
Zeno Rocha Founder, CEO Resend
Sav Gadoo Co-founder Kyber
Daryl Sew Cofounder, CTO Certainly Health
Noah Elion CEO Lovd.com
Anh-Tuan Bui Co-CEO Konfig
Padmanabhan Krishnamurthy CEO, co-Founder EzDubs
Itai Peri CTO Allero
Peter Marton CEO, Co-founder Tailfin Cloud, Inc.
Dimitris Co-founder Moonshot
Matt Joseph Founder Superconnector
Amrutavarsh Kinagi co-CEO, co-Founder EzDubs
Youssef Rizk Co-founder Moonshot
Victor Leach Co-Founder IcePanel Technologies Inc.
Aviraj Singh CTO, Co-founder Hostfi
Charles Forman CEO Storyboarder, Inc.
Logan Frederick Co-founder Lexer
Evan Chu Co-founder PoplarML
Viraj Rai Co-Founder Planar
Nadja Mannowetz Co-Founder & CSO YourChoice Therapeutics, Inc.
Conrad Lilleness CEO and co-founder Conduit
Danna Liu Co-Founder PoplarML
Will Edwards CEO, Co-founder OfOne
Kunal Gupta Co-founder Withfriends
Luigi La Corte CEO and co-founder Provision
Kara Holinski CTO, co-founder Confido
Zheng Hao Tan co-founder, CTO Lexer
Vishnu Menon Co-founder Nebula
Ravin Thambapillai CEO Credal.ai
Jason Marmon Co-founder Resync
Brendan Ashworth Co-founder Bunting Labs, Inc.
Matt Sun CEO Paigo Inc.
Michael Egan CEO Bunting Labs
Neha Nupoor Co-Founder Devpod
Neil Madsen CEO Fabius Technologies, Inc.
Adam Hooper CEO RealCrowd
Ruby Yu Co-founder Terraferma Foods
Harrison Telyan Co-Founder NUMI
Merwane Drai CEO, Co-founder Dumme
Jacob Shadbolt Co-founder IcePanel
Idan Shahar CEO Allero
Edouar Godfrey Co-founder Blocktool
Gabriel Birnbaum CEO Emittance
Fengjiao Peng Co-founder, CEO KURUKURU Inc
Nicholas Kissel Co-founder Rivet
Stew Fortier CEO & Co-Founder Type
Kurt Ericson General Manager Black Tulip Labs LLC
Mehul Shah CEO, Co-founder Aryn, Inc.
Ali Jiwani CEO Rally
Nizar Batada CEO and Co-Founder Eugit Therapeutics
Rangel Milushev CEO, Co-founder BabylonAI, Inc.
Alejandro Pozo CEO Valari
David Paffenholz Co-Founder Juicebox
Joe Watkins Co-founder Storyboarder
Pranav Piyush CEO FasTrak, Inc.
Diego Marcos CEO Supermedium
Alex Reyes Co-founder & CEO Internet Friends
Joey Flores Founder Inversion Art
Jinjing Liang CEO, Founder Lovecast Inc.
Lawrence Abraham Co-founder Treehouses, Inc
Kamil Kisielewicz Co-founder and CEO Interlock Labs
Tanvi Surti CEO Luca
Andy Wang Ceo Porter
Thaddeus Allen CEO Tradewind BioScience, Inc.
Trevor Blackwell CEO Umbrella Research
Andrew McCalister CEO Kickpay
Karine Mellata CEO Intrinsic
Arun Bahl CEO Aloe AI
Amey Chaugule CEO Probably Nothing Labs
Shanelle Roman CEO Nebula
Michael Skupien CEO Bloomry, inc.
Nicholas Manske CEO AiFlow
Stefan Aleksic CEO Plasmo Corp.
Apoorve Singhal CEO & Co-founder Tersho
Avi Romanoff CEO & Founder Magic Circle Studio, Inc
Arvind Sontha CEO, Co-Founder Kyber
Chris Navrides CEO, Co-Founder Dev Tools, inc
Arwin Rahmatpanah CEO, Co-Founder Athvest, Inc.
Yashar Nejati CEO, Co-Founder Uppercase
Charles Wehan CEO, Co-Founder The ORCA Network, Inc.
Hari Bhaskaran CEO, Founder Cisterna Biologics, Inc.
Cadran Cowansage CEO, Founder Elpha, Inc.
Brooke LeBlanc CEO, Founder Point Five
Zachary Kim Co-founder Float
George Moromisato Co-founder GridWhale Corporation
Alexander Danilowicz Co-Founder Mirrorful
Robert Tran Co-founder inkeep
Caleb John Co-founder Pongo Technologies Inc.
Joshua Gardner Co-founder aiFlow, Inc.
Michael Shi Co-Founder & CEO DeploySentinel
Pablo Rojas Co-founder, CEO Protego Solutions
Dereck Paul Cofounder & CEO Glass Health
Marcio von Muhlen COO, Co-founder Home3
Kaushik Srinivasan CTO and Co-founder Devpod
Daniel Habib Founder Quickvid
Deontae Mack Founder Vibesbnb
Will Stith Founder Decoherence
Sai Arora Founder & CEO Mercoa
Matt Krisiloff CEO Conception Biosciences, Inc.
Min Ming Lo CEO, Founder Openexus Inc.
Faraz Khan Founder Carry
Fatih Celikbas CEO Chart
Felipe Aragao Pires CEO Portalform Inc.
Ben Sender Founder Constant
Vera Kutsenko CEO Neverland
Lukas Kelsey-Friedemann Founder Cherrry
Daniel Maas Founder CorePlane Inc
Ben Klenk CEO Hotplate.com
Ben Brooks CEO sixc Inc.
Yakov Ilin CEO Glowbom
Adam Sommer CEO Kable
Michele Van Ruiten CEO, Co-founder Capsule
Adam Kearney CEO, Founder Modern University
Jose Akle Founder Oknani
Filip Salamon Founder Trewio Media LLC
Norris Krueger, PhD founder Entrepreneurship Northwest
Ethan Perlstein Founder & CEO PERLARA PBC
Sebastien Pahl Founder Not incorporated yet
Chris Sodergren Founder Obvious, Inc.
Jordan Vincent Co-founder Porter
Robert Morris former CEO TerrAvion
Zach Kirshc Co-founder Fern
Graham Ramsey Co-founder Glass Health
Ryan Pawell CEO Indee Labs
Andre Woodley Jr Founder Autodial
Pradeep Elankumaran Co-founder & CEO Farmstead
Yansen Zhou Founder Icarus Lab Inc.
Manav Sevak Founder, CEO Memora Health
Pritika Mehta CEO Fashion Bakers Inc
Adam Gothelf Co-founder Disclosures.io
Kathryn Bambino Co-founder Dating Ring, Inc.
Lisha Xiang Li CEO Rosebud AI
Christopher Chae Co-founder Relate (Pixelic, Inc.)
Guilhem Herail CEO, Founder Hermes Robotics
Marco Turetta Co-founder Blink
Greg Kufera CEO and Co-founder Cinapse
Dhruv Goel Co-founder Aerotime, Inc.
Patrick Grossmann CEO & co-founder Invitris
Moses Im CEO Fairway Health
Katelyn Gleason CEO Eligible Inc
Akash Bakshi CEO YourChoice Therapeutics
Daniel O’Shea Co-founder Laskie
Josh Archer Co-Founder & CTO Sutra Fitness, Inc.
Leon Lin Co-founder and CEO 1stCollab
Tom Sharon Founder & COO Cheqout
Jake Ruth CEO & Co-founder Stock Unlock
Jason Rudin Founder Clad
Orlando Li Co-founder Malama Health
James Ruben Founder, CEO Hellosaurus
Omar Thanawalla Founder Watu
Ray Sturm CEO, Founder AlphaFlow
Jack Ryder CEO & Cofounder Secured
Nathaniel Masfen-Yan Co-CEO and Co-Founder Notebook Labs
Darby Wong CEO Clerky
Gokul Prabhakaran CEO Communion
Adil Yusuf Co-founder, CTO Medium Biosciences
Ruming Zhen CEO, cofounder Suger
Ivan Novikov CEO Wallarm
Agree Ahmed CEO NUMI
Daniel Gomari Founder and CEO iollo
Charles Bai CTO Paces
Miguel Lara CEO and Co-founder MicroHealth
Ryan Rich Co-founder and CPO Accord
Leonardo Teixeira COO, Co-founder Endpoint Health
Navin Varadarajan Co-founder CellChorus
Stan Golubchik CEO, Co-founder ContraForce
Ranti Dev CEO, Co-founder SpeedyBrand
Juan Luis Perez COO Milio
Andrew Luo Co-founder Baseplate
Oscar Martinez Co-Founder GradientJ
Rohan Marwaha CEO and Co-Founder Aqua Platform, Inc.
Edward Ridgely CEO Seal
Umar Afridi Founder Truepill
Ryan Hall CTO, Co-founder Coil
Amar Kumar CEO KaiPod Learning
Chris Tsai CEO and Co-Founder Resolve
Ruoni Wang CEO OpenSight
Charles Weill Founder Antifragile Research Inc
Juan Pablo Ortega Founder and CEO Yuno
Zac Wellmer CTO, Co-founder tupelo
Ayush Pateria CEO Snazzy
Owen Rapaport Co-founder & CEO Argus
Sabih Mir CEO, Founder Mederva Health
Johannes vermandois CEO, Founder Northwind
Martin Willemink CEO, Co-founder Segmed, Inc.
Sheena Allen CEO and Founder CapWay
Nicolas Bustamante CEO Blocktool
Aaron Slodov CEO Atomic Industries, Inc.
Alvaro Sosa Co-founder Hero
Michael Astreiko CEO Synder
Victoria Mo CEO Ten Lives
Ali Safavi CEO COVU
Ashesh jain CEO Coram AI
Alexa Grabell CEO Pocus
Cy Najjar CEO Sensio Air Inc.
Julia Zheng CEO Dyneti Technologies, Inc.
Kevin Hu CEO Metaplane
Alexander Gillis CEO AG, Inc.
Jeremy Yamaguchi CEO Lawn Love
Bharath Ramsundar CEO Deep Forest Sciences
Anna Matalon CEO Purpose Finance
Austin Cameron CEO Formulate Labs
Roger CEO Jeda Products, Inc
Michael Lai CEO Tinycare
Subbu Rama CEO BalkanID
Hayley Leibson CEO & Founder Astrapilot
Martin Schrimpff CEO and Co-founder Kocomo
Seyed Madaeni CEO Co-Founder Verse
Chetan Kulhari CEO, Co-founder Magic
Kunal Gosar CEO, Cofounder Arcus Inc.
Yaser Khalighi CEO, Founder SceneBox
Flowsion Shekar CEO, Founder Koreaboo
Dipo Areoye Co Founder Icon
Liz Yi Co founder Petuum
Brian Murray Co-founder Cabal
Matteo Collina Co-Founder Platformatic
Tressia Hobeika Co-founder Stepful
Abdullah Al-Hayali Co-founder Dice AI
Mirella Mashiach Co-Founder Output Biosciences
Chad Remesch Co-founder Blue Frog Gaming
Brian Le Co-founder Duffl
Hesham Ghandour Co-founder Dapi Inc
Spencer Cassidy Co-founder & CEO LifeLegacy
Yarden Horwitz Cofounder Spate
Tuval Former CEO Loop Genomics
Xian Ke Founder GroveFlow
Aldan Creo Founder JEF Galicia
Jason Sotero Founder Private Equity Insider
Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia Founder & CEO Product School
Liam Berryman Founder, CEO Nelumbo
And more…

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