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  • bingchat/newbing
  • Powerful: any native functionality with html5 enhancement and still secure; any urls to host website; javascript and shell scripting for general processing; piping between console and GUI and more with Termux.
  • Customizable: user-defined menus, (new) buttons and gestures for user agents, bookmarklets, url services, shell commands, internal functionality links and text processing etc.
  • Convenient: Any book (pdf/djvu)/dictionary (mdict)/txt/command line/app/webapp (web extensions) can be search engine.
  • Tiny: less than 200k.
  • Fast: run fast, even with thousands of user provided css/scripts/htmls.
  • Efficient: less touches, one click to reach any number of search engines without repeated input; automate online services.
  • URL bar command line support (“!” and .js file as command).
  • Site-specific JS/CSS/HTML/preprocessing.
  • Online play/preview/preprocess for downloadable resources.
  • Multiple type profiles: switch any data including website logins, user configurations orthogonally.

Main features

Custom paper size PDF export and long vector screenshot, TTS, text reflow, resource sniffer, translation, reader’s mode, user-defined url redirection, webdav/http backup & restore, auto next page, sending/receiving msg/file(s), site config (UA, no JS, no image, no 3rd party script/resource,active script, global scripts), http(s)/socks proxy, enabling html5 apps for local files (pdf/djvu/epub viewer, mdict dictionary lookup etc.).

  • User-defined global and site-specific CSS and javascript.
  • Bookmarklets (works for CSP sites and with option to auto apply to similar sites)
  • AD blocking (block whole root domain trees etc.)
  • Customization (define extra menus/buttons/gestures with user-defined functionalities)
  • Support shell scripts, javascript for general processing, other languages (python etc.) are also supported by installing uweb compatible Termux versions.
  • Serverless local sites: PWA-kind web extension (chrome .crx & firefox .xpi) support.
  • Piping between console and uweb tabs.
  • Resizable floating video support.


Help with localization

We encourage everyone to help with localization. The following is how to do.

  • Fork this repository
  • Copy res/values/strings.xml to path like res/values-%(lang)/, replace %(lang) with the ISO 639-1 language code.
  • Translate res/values-%(lang)/strings.xml
  • Translate assets/help_%(lang).html from assets/help_en.html
  • Make a Pull Request

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