Virtual Reality – Developed exclusively for the Oculus Rift, our immersive training simulator puts you on the runway on-board one of our exceptional Deicing Vehicles. Choose from one of three Deicers, the 2200, 2875 or 2200 open basket. Single or Multi-player modes included for team training (up to 4 drivers, 4 sprayers and 1 observer), 19 different aircraft, engines on or off, customizable weather and time of day. Train individually or create group training sessions for all your locations (internet access required). This is the 2nd generation of our exceptional Deicing Simulator released in 2009. Upgrade packages are available for licensed Gen 1 owners and are compatible with your existing controls.

Real Science – Current FAA holdover times are active within each session and are applied to the specific weather selection. Timed sessions are compared with fluid usage and applied to each individual aircraft specifications which generates a comprehensive training report for record keeping. Redesigned and developed in house by pilots and engineers who have lead the deicing industry for over 25 years. Truly an amazing, real world training experience!

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